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Headlight restoration near Antioch

Are your headlights cloudy and yellow-looking? Is driving at night a little hard lately? The headlights on your car, truck or SUV may be in need of a headlight restoration.

Why Do Headlights Get Foggy & Yellow?

The headlights on most vehicles in the last 20 years or so are mostly made of plastic and are no longer made from glass. The benefits of this are you can replace just a light bulb and not have to replace the whole headlight. The down side is the plastic lens can get foggy, hazy, and yellow over time. This foggy and yellow look comes from the UV rays of the sun and over time it takes a beating on your lights.  The plastic lens on your headlights has a clearcoat similar to the clearcoat on the painted surface of your vehicle. This clearcoat needs to be protected much like your paint and if that does not happen you will get a breakdown of that clearcoat which leads to the foggy look that you may see. If you live in sunny California and in the Antioch, Oakley, Sandhill, and Arbor area your car is prone to get this type of damage.

How Can You Fix Foggy & Cloudy Headlights?

Mike’s Auto Detailing is a full-service detailing company in the Antioch area and we specialize in restoring all surfaces on a vehicle including painted surfaces and headlights. Headlights can be restored using the same steps we take to remove swirls, scratches, oxidation, and marring from a vehicle’s paint. Using the latest polishing equipment we can restore your headlights and looking like thy just left the showroom floor. We will also protect your headlights with a ceramic coating or high durability sealant that will keep your headlights looking clear and new. Protecting your headlights and other lights with a ceramic coating is the ultimate in clear coat protection for your vehicle and can last 5+ years with the products we use. We can also use paint sealants that are less expensive but still add 6 months to 12 months of UV protection, water beading, and slickness to your headlights. While we protect your headlights from the sun’s UV rays it also helps wash off bugs, dirt, and other debris much easier so you can see better at night and not spend a ton of time scrubbing your lights.

How Can I Schedule A Headlight Restoration Around Antioch?

If your headlights are looking gloomy and don’t fit how the rest of your vehicle looks, then you may need a headlight restoration. Our headlight restorations start at $80 and can be completed in as little as an hour. To schedule your headlight restoration or other detailing service contact Mike’s Auto Detailing today!

contat us today to make your headlights new again!

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