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Car Wash & Wax

We are strong believers that ongoing maintenance washes of your car, truck, or SUV is the best way to protect you vehicle and maintain the ceramic coating and paint correction services we have performed on your vehicle. Regular maintenance washes help keep your vehicle looking clean but more importantly helps keep the ceramic coating, wax, or paint sealant we have applied to last the very longest it can. Contact us to setup your very own personalized detailing maintenance plan.



Our interior detailing packages includes cleaning and protecting all the interior surfaces of your vehicle. We specialize in leather cleaning and conditioning, carpet and floor mat cleaning, and making sure there is no dust, dirt, or grime anywhere to be found. We protect all vinyl, plastic, and leather from harmful UV rays and make sure that your interior will continue look and feel like a new car.

We also perform odor removal from pet odors, smoke, and more.


Our Full-Detail Packages include a thorough wash with high qulaity PH Neutral car shampoos, mechanical & chemical paint decontamination to remove embedded dirt and fallout, a single step polish, and paint protection for your needs. We also include a complete engine bay detail where we remove dirt, grease, and other grime to help your engine keep in tip-top shape. We also dive into a complete interior detail where we clean, treat, and protect your seats, leather, dashboard, windows, and clean your carpets and mats to make sure it is completely tidy.

Paint Correction Antioch CA


It is no secret that the exterior of your vehicle takes a beating. From shopping carts to environmental damage it is the most exposed part of your car, truck, or SUV. Even the most detail oriented people will see the gloss and vibrancy fade overtime from regular washes and the drying process. We look to correct the aging process and turn back the hands of time by single or multi-step paint correction. Our paint correction services remove swirls, scratches, and faded paint, and bring it back to its former glory. We use the finest products and chemicals for professional results.


Ceramic coatings and the latest interation of Graphene coatings are the most durable and slickest paint protection you can put on your car. We offer the best ceramic coatings from the biggest names in the business that will protect your car, truck, or SUV for 5 years or more if they are properly maintained. For a quote on ceramic coating your vehicle contact us today.

Boat Detailing Antioch CA


While we are known for detailing cars and trucks we also have a knack for cleaning and detailing boats. We are the top boat detailing company in the Antioch, CA area and can help clean and protect any boat. From cleaning the vinyl in your cabin, to protecting the hull, and even full paint corrections and coatings; we do it all. For an estimate on detailing your boat contact us today.


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