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Are you looking for the best protection for your vehicle’s surface? Look no further than Mike’s Auto Detailing in Antioch, California. We specialize in ceramic coatings for your car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, and everything in between. Our ceramic coatings can help protect your vehicle’s paint, glass, trim, wheels, and even your interior! We specialize in professional-grade coatings and are certified installers of System X ceramic coatings as well as Apex Metal Oxide coatings.

These professional ceramic coatings can keep your paint protected for up to 5 years and will increase the durability of your vehicle’s clear coat! Ceramic coatings are also excellent at increasing hydrophobic properties and will help make your vehicle stay clean longer as coatings add a self-cleaning aspect to your vehicle’s surface. The added UV protection from ceramic coatings will help protect all of your vehicle’s surfaces from California’s constant sun exposure.

The Most Important Part of Any Ceramic Coating is the Prep Work

Having a ceramic coating applied to a dirty surface is not going to work very well. A poorly applied coating will not last as long as it is claimed and will ultimately be a waste of money. We go through several steps to make sure your ceramic coating will last for years! We will wash your vehicle thoroughly with high-quality car shampoos that will help strip dirt, wax, and other contaminants off of the surface. After we thoroughly wash your vehicle, we then decontaminate the surface with a clay bar and an iron remover. The clay bar pulls embedded dirt and grime off of the paint, glass, or trim, and the iron remover dissolves iron particles and brake dust from your paint, wheels, and trim.

After we make sure your paint is squeaky clean and as free of debris as we can, we begin doing a paint correction on your paint. A paint correction can be multiple steps but the mission is to bring your paint back to life like it was just painted. Paint correction is not a quick and easy process, it can take hours depending on how bad the paint is and how many steps you add to the process. A good paint correction will increase the gloss of your paint and piano black panels of your vehicle by removing swirls, scratches, and marring that can happen over the life of a vehicle. By polishing and compounding the surface of your vehicle it will shine like crazy and will be a perfect palette for a ceramic coating.

Once we polish your vehicle’s paint, we will do a final prep wipe to clean and remove any residual chemicals so your coating can stick perfectly. Then we will add one or two coats of ceramic coating based on what is recommended by the manufacturer. We recommend allowing your vehicle to cure for 24-48 hours at a minimum before you allow it to get wet and sometimes a little longer before you wash the vehicle.

What Else Can We Ceramic Coat?

While ceramic coating a car, truck, or SUV’s paint is the standard, we can also ceramic coat your vehicle’s glass, trim, wheels, tires, and even leather! Why would you want to ceramic coat your windshield? Well, think of it as Rain X on steroids and will last for a very long time. Our glass-ceramic coatings last up to three years if they are maintained properly and are $125 and only require 2 hours to complete them.

Ceramic coating your wheels helps prevent brake dust build-up and pitting and can make your wheels much easier to clean. Coating your trim with a ceramic coating will help lock in a nice shine and will prevent the plastic and rubber from fading and turning gray. Finally, coating your leather with a ceramic coating specially formulated for leather will protect your hides from the UV rays of the sun and prevent them from fading, cracking, and staining from blue jeans, coffee spills, and more!

We Can Ceramic Coat Matte and Satin Finishes

We love shiny, glossy, and dripping wet-looking paint but we also love matte and satin finishes. Satin and matte finishes are amazing looking and look awesome when they are well maintained. These finishes require special care and specialized products. If you use standard detailing products on your matte paint it could damage the finish or make it shinier than it should be. We use products that are solely designed to clean and protect your satin and matte wraps or painted surfaces. We use PH-neutral shampoos so the surface is not stained or damaged from aggressive cleaners and we use protection like Dr. Beasley’s Matte Paint Coating Pro to protect your vehicle for up to 5 years if it is properly maintained with one of our specialized maintenance plans. We do not polish satin finishes as it will cause the finish to become shiny, discolored, or may even cause damage. Our Satin and Matte Ceramic Coating services start at $1500 and require 2 to 4 days to complete.

We Offer PPF Ceramic Coatings & Corrections

PPF (Paint Protection Film) is the ultimate in protection for your vehicle but that protection can even use some love and protection. We can add clarity and bring back PPF to its original glory with our correction and ceramic coating services. While PPF and ceramic coatings are the best ways to protect your vehicle, when you combine them, it is as good as it gets. When you combine them, you create layers of protection that absorb damage, contamination, and will keep your vehicle looking new for many years. Our ceramic coatings work well with PPF and our correct services will remove slight swirls and hazing in the PPF without affecting the durability and longevity of the film.

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Our ceramic coatings start at $800 and can be done alongside one of our complete detail packages that will clean your vehicle inside and out. If you are interested in one of our ceramic coating services contact us today!

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